Farm House Ruins

  Although it was constant planning to coordinate the many components of this project, this small outdoor space has been transformed from ordinary to extrordinary! What was once an old above ground pool and wooden deck that had limited potential and entertaining space, now completes the owners wish list. A biologically filtered Koi pond, large stone patio for entertaining, Outdoor fireplace, a custom stone table that seats 8 comfortably with a covered shade area and it is landscaped in such a way that it appears to have been built perhaps 150 years ago.

   Large specimen trees and shrubs were transplanted, sheets of moss and ground covers were also planted. More than 42 tons of natural bluestone material were used, the outdoor fire place is constructed by standard building methods. The patio space is 450 square feet of 2 inch thick stone slabs providing an entertaining area. 

  The Koi pond is aproximately 10,000 gallons in volume with a seperate biologial fitration tank that recirculates the water via a 3 foot wide spillway. The Tank is planted with a variety of water plants, that will not only provide color and interest year round but also filter the water to maintain its clarity.

   The shade pergola is constructed out of rough sawn timbers of natural cedar in a post and beam fashion. The structure is set on hand cut stone piers. Materials from the old deck were re-purposed for the covered portion of this feature. 

"Thank you all for such a great job, the house looks so much better now, thanks to Larry's vision, guidance and patience." - C. Davis 

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